About Me

About Me

I, Dr Gopakumar Nirmalan, am working as a diabetologist at Al Hayat International Hospital, Ghubra, Sultanate of Oman from October 2010. I did my graduation from Trivandrum, Kerala, India . After my post graduation, I did my specialized training in diabetes from Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, India, Australia and  the UK.

I have 27 years of rich clinical experience, 14 years of which was at India, then in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for an year and a half, in the Maldives for seven years and presently working in Oman from 2010.The Al Hayat International hospital houses all the basic specialties such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiology, Ophthalmology, ENT and General Practise. Advanced specialties such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology, Oncology and urology also function in this hospital. This is a 50 bed hospital with a fully fledged ICU, Neonatal ICU, labour suite and operation suites

The laboratory facilities include all basic tests as well as advanced tests for diabetes such as C peptide, serum insulin, anti GAD antibodies, ICA antibodies.

The nerve conduction tests can be performed at this hospital. Besides this, the biothesiometry, hot and cold sensitometry and monofilament can be done as well.

My work is more than just a work behind the desk. Being warm, empathetic and focusing on my customers individual needs and feelings makes a real difference to the services I offer.

I have attended a lot of national and international conferences to keep myself updated in my field and keep my brain sharp. I deliver many talks around the country to update the medical fraternity in the field of diabetes.

I had introduced, for the first time in the Sultanate, a small hardbound booklet, The Diabetes Passport, a storehouse of 3 years data pertaining to the patients` diabetic status. This would include the details of the body mass index, blood pressure, 3 month average of sugar, lipid levels and kidney status on a quarterly basis which has been color coded for easy interpretation. The booklet also includes the annual check on eye, foot and heart as well. This booklet is given to the patient and is periodically updated. This helps motivate and empower the patient and also serves as an indicator when traveling abroad rather than having to carry huge files.

I am trying to bring out an ID card stating the ICE numbers and that you are having diabetes mellitus.This also will be the first time in the Sultanate an ID card for diabetes is being brought out.

I keep publishing articles and newsletters on diabetes almost every month which I keep sending to my patients. This helps my clients to keep themselves aware of diabetes.

I keep using the electronic media to keep monitoring my patients almost every week or depending on the needs of my clients. Trying to do this amidst a busy schedule has earned a lot of appreciation from along my colleagues and clients alike.

I also conducted some camps for health awareness among the public and also conducted a days` workshop on Diabetes management for those with Type 1 diabetes. This was with the help and support of Eli Lilly with their infamous Conversational Road Maps©.

For me, my patients and their feedback either positive or negative, has shaped me what I am today.

I am greatly indebted to the Almighty and my family who has tolerated me all these years and my friends and well wishers who have guided me along this divine path of healthcare.

Objectives of the web site

Diabetes is a fast growing pandemic and the numbers keep swelling. Despite the advancements in the field of diabetes, it is still hard to contain the alarming rate at which diabetes is conquering the world.Though a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits are the prime culprits, lack of time given for the patients to address their concerns as well as not knowing enough on diabetes are equally important to contain this rapidly growing pandemic

Through this website, I am trying to reach out to the world to enrich them with some knowledge on various aspects of diabetes at the click of a button. I have kept the language simple and easy to understand. The information included is from journals and text books of repute which have been carefully read and compiled.This website will be periodically updated with information. I cannot compress all about diabetes under one umbrella, but will try to be as close to perfection as possible through this website portal.

I am sure that the articles might answer a few of your queries which you may have either forgotten to ask or afraid to ask the healthcare professional.

Your suggestions are welcome and will help me improve the content as this is for you.