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Diabetes is a fast growing pandemic and the numbers keep swelling. Despite the advancements in the field of diabetes, it is still hard to contain the alarming rate at which diabetes is conquering the world.

Though a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits are the prime culprits, lack of time given for the patients to address their concerns as well as not knowing enough on diabetes are equally important.

Through this website, I am trying to reach out to the world to enrich them with some knowledge on various aspects of diabetes at the click of a button. I have kept the language simple and easy to understand. The information included is from journals and text books of repute which have been carefully read and compiled.This website will be periodically updated with information. I cannot compress all about diabetes under one umbrella, but will try to be as close to perfection as possible through this website portal.

I am sure that the articles might answer a few of your queries which you may have either forgotten to ask or afraid to ask the healthcare provider.

Your suggestions are welcome and will help me improve the content as this web site is for you.

Dr. Gopakumar Nirmalan
Al Hayat International Hospital
Ghubra, Sultanate of Oman

Tel : 00968 - 22004090
Fax : 00968 - 22004099 (ATTN : Dr Gopakumar)

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