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  • Fishing as an enjoyable and healthy exercise

    Fishing as an enjoyable and healthy exercise

    Lifestyle modification involving adequate physical activity is a cornerstone in the management of diabetes. It complements the effect of the medicines used in the management. There are different forms of…

  • Understanding insulin

    Understanding insulin

    There are many types of insulin each working in its own unique manner, some types of insulin are suitable  for one but not for another. Normally basal insulin acting for…

  • Updates in insulin delivery devices and glucose monitoring

    Updates in insulin delivery devices and glucose monitoring

    New insulin delivery devices . LifeScan One Touch Via® This is a super slim pump device which delivers only bolus (rapid acting ) insulin. The cartridge can store 200 units…

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What our patients say

  • I have been associated with Dr Gopakumar for the past four years. I was very happy to have been introduced to him as he made me so comfortable from the day I met him. Unlike doctors who were in a hurry to write a script, he offered to hear me out and we had some good discussions during the subsequent visits. The nice thing was his passion towards managing diabetes and offering emails and newsletters which were so informative. I often wonder where he found the time to spare for all this despite his hectic schedule. Though I left Oman and have relocated to WI, he still maintains contact and that puts me at ease. This website is a real blessing for those who wish to know of diabetes. A really commendable performance indeed and wish he continues these innovative ideas to help those in need.

    Mr HB, West Indies, an obliged Patient

  • I am very happy and impressed for the great effort. I am quite sure that this will be a good reference guide not only for the patients but also for the health care professionals as well. This will surely be of great benefit for all those with diabetes as well as help as a tool for others to remain healthy.

    Ahmed Elkhalafawy, A well wisher, Muscat, Oman

  • The web page design is remarkably good and looks very sleek.The quality of the contents are also very good. A very good intiative indeed to help those with diabetes.

    Dr Anirban, Anesthetist, Australia

  • I am a regular reader of Dr. Gapakumar Nirmalan's articles on diabetes.These are well written and contain sound practical advice. In fact, I have already benefited from some of the practices. He pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading his next informative work.

    Anonymous, , Australia

  • Dr Gopakumar has made a significant change to my outlook in life since I consulted him over the past two years. His diagnosis and treatment of my diabetes have contributed to me leading a positive and normal healthy life. Despite his busy schedule, he sends regular reminders to monitor the condition of his patients and notwithstanding the fact that I currently live in New Zealand, he never fails to check whether I am receiving the proper treatment. Good on you Doc, keep up the good work – you are a rare breed!

    Delande Lazarus, New Zealand